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Ennyweb's mission is to ignite innovation and empower entrepreneurial spirit. We are dedicated to exploring and creating groundbreaking ventures, bolstering local entrepreneurship, and championing the growth and success of small businesses.

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An idea company.

  • Supporting our Community

  • Raising up Entrepeneur's

  • Creating

  • Super awesome team

Our Values & Philosophy

We see business not just as a means to an end, but as a platform to foster positive changes in our society.

About our Company
  • Integrity: We believe that trust is the cornerstone of any successful venture. We uphold the highest standards of honesty in all our work.

  • Freedom: We value freedom as the catalyst for innovation. Free thinking created Ennyweb; free thinking drives Ennyweb.

  • Truth: Our Founders are truth seekers. We believe in an objective reality. There is always a correct move on the chess board, regardless of the position you are in.

Our Portfolio

Ennyweb began with a promise: no matter what, we'd keep this dream alive.

Our desire is to build enterprises that reflect our skills, interest, and ultimately benefit the world.
Elijah Bluhm
Chair & Founding Partner of Ennyweb

Board & Partners

Ennyweb is led by it's managing partner who reports to its board of investors, partners, and advisors.

Elijah Bluhm
Chair & Managing Partner

Elijah oversees our holdings portfolio and leads the implementation of new investments of Ennyweb's resources. Active CEO of our ReputationPro Startup.  

Jacob Potter
Board Secretary & Partner

Jacob was instrumental in launching Ennyweb in 2021 as both an investor and member of the team. He serves as the Board Secretary and strategic advisor.

Anthony Iovine
Edj Digital Lead & Partner

Anthony was one of the Founders of Ennyweb in 2021. With his background in digital marketing, community management, and Web Design he has been key in leading our local marketing firm Edj Digital.

Jonah Bluhm
Board Treasurer & Partner

Jonah joined Ennyweb in 2021. He is highly skilled mutlimedia artist. From pixel art and graphic design to photography and video - Jonah has been a strategic asset on the team since the beginning.

James Bluhm
Founder of ReputationPro

James is the newest member of Ennyweb's board. He is a veteran sales & customer service lead. He created and pitched the idea of "ReputationPro." We started incubating his startup late 2023.

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